Increase user engagement

With Engage, Inloco helps retailers and mobile banks increase the engagement with their apps through location-based analytics and push notifications. Send contextualized messages at the right place and the right time. 

Enrich your CRM with location insights

Integrate information on the places visited by your user base directly into your CRM to understand their interests and send contextualized marketing campaigns.

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Optimize with offline data

Use this valuable layer of offline data to understand the location context of your users and use it to engage them with personalized campaigns.

user journey

Create unique user journeys

Activate, retain, and increase spending per user by creating unique journeys that tie online and offline behavior.


Keep your user engaged

Understand how your user behaves offline and develop predictive models to keep users engaged at many points throughout the day.


Enhance your campaigns

Add unique insights to your marketing campaigns by leveraging data on the offline behavior of your customers.

Integrate location insights

Choose to record place or category level location insights when your users enter, exit or are nearby certain locations


Visit events

Visits to stores, like your own or those of a competitor, can trigger the creation of an event in your CRM. Use this knowledge to build loyalty and re-activate those at risk of churning


Place categories

Recorded when users enter or exit certain place categories, like for example, restaurants, supermarkets, and bars to understand the behavioral patterns of your customers and build audiences.


Work & home

Arriving and leaving work or home can also trigger the creation of events in your CRM. Take advantage of specific moments to activate your users with the perfect message across your marketing channels.  

Privacy and security

Our solutions have been developed to ensure security and privacy for your users. Through our technology, we capture device location information, without attaching it to any user-identifying information.

Data collection

We do not collect any Personally Identifiable Information PII (name, email, etc.)

Data treatment

We apply hashes and encryption to increase security and privacy.

Data usage

The data we collect is only viewed in aggregate, protecting the privacy of individual users.

Use Engage for free

Start sending push notifications for free. Our team is available for demos and to answer all of your questions. 

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