The Privacy-Friendly Location Platform

The power of data intelligence to understand people's behavior in the physical world.

Location defines context and intention

We understand people’s movements so we can interact with them at the right time. With In Loco’s technology, points on a map become strategic information to drive business.

How do context and intention generate value?

Our location intelligence solutions for your business:

Brands and Agencies

Attract customers to brick and mortar stores, reinforce your brand, and have access to exclusive metrics when advertising your business.


Monitor and understand the flow of customers in your stores with our data intelligence and analysis tool.

O2O Apps

Make better business decisions by understanding the behavior of your base, and impact your users throughout their journey.


Speed up the registry process for new accounts with our address verification system without the need of sending proof of residence.

In Loco in Numbers

+ 16TB

of data collected daily

The equivalent to 120.000 hours of music.

60 million

devices in our base

More devices than the total population of Italy.

25 thousand

apps available in the programatic media platform

That’s more the total number of football stadiums in the planet.

+ 25 millions

locations mapped around the globe

More than the existing animal species.

+ 1.5 billion

visits registered monthly

200x the amount of big macs sold monthly around the world.

Empowering Results of Major Brands

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Privacy is a value for us, therefore we do not collect, store, process or access personal data of civil identification, such as name, ID or social security. Our concern to ensure people's anonymity is part of our strategy and our day-to-day lives.

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