Cookie Policy

Last update: September 18, 2020

After your authorization, this website sends small text files (cookies) to your browser when you visit us for the first time. On a later visit, either two hours or two weeks later, your browser sends us cookies back, so that we can remember you. As you interact with our website, it keeps exchanging cookies with your browser as long as both have your permission. The conversation between the two occurs when strictly necessary for the website functioning, and, for performance, functionality and targeting purposes, according to the categorization given by the ICC UK Cookie Guide.

The storage of cookies characterized as strictly necessary is always active, after all, without them our website would not work properly. These cookies do not store information that can identify you.

The cookies stored for performance evaluation aim to implement improvements on our website. Behavior analysis of our users allows us to know which parts of the website are most visited or when errors occur, for example. Statistic information is stored in an aggregate form, which makesit impossible to identify you, thus, the storage of performance cookies is always active as well.

Cookies stored for purposes of greater functionality are responsible for controlling your personal preferences on our website, such as language and text size, in addition to allowing you to contact us directly or to ask our bot questions through the chat window we provide.

Targeting cookies allow you to be impacted by other media only with what is most relevant to you.

The first two categories mentioned (strictly necessary and performance cookies) are fundamental to our website and do not allow the identification of users. However, the storage of cookies for functionality and segmentation purposes by our website in your browser is optional and can be refused