The intelligence platform with data from the physical world

Analyze, understand, and drive results for your business with real-world data on the flow of visits to establishments and behavior in the physical world.

Intelligence that gets results

In Loco is a platform that helps brands, retailers, app owners, and financial institutions understand how consumers behave in the physical world so they can create better customer experiences and business strategies based on real data.



Get access to in-store flow data and customer visit behavior.



Create ads and push notifications for the right people based on where they go.



Evaluate the return that actions are generating for your business.



Connect In Loco data with your own mobile apps, systems, or platforms.

Commitment to privacy

We create relevant solutions for businesses while ensuring that consumer privacy and data will always be protected.

What is your goal?

Understand customers to create new strategies

Analyze the areas of influence in your stores and the flow of visits to each of them. Compare their performance with the competition to create new business strategies.

Engage app users with push notifications

Understand the locations your app users often visit, and send contextual and relevant push notifications at the right time, based on where they are.

Identify market opportunities for apps

Discover which establishments your app users are visiting most and build strategic partnerships with them.

Attract more people to physical stores

Attract more people to your business through mobile ads, paying only for the number of customers who actually come to your stores.

Expand and validate media strategies

Compare the month-to-month flow of people in your stores and understand if your strategies in other media are attracting customers to your business.

Improve the app sign-up experience

Reduce bureaucracy and prevent fraud in the opening of new digital accounts by validating addresses with location data without needing a proof of address.

Large-scale results


60 million

devices in our database.

1.8 billion+

visits to physical locations recorded monthly.


apps use In Loco’s services.

28 million+

commercial establishments mapped

Boost your business with intelligence from In Loco